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Mau's Corner Flea Market & Live Auction

Hello Mau's Corner Auction Sellers and Bidders.

Well, it looks like we will not be holding any auctions at Mau's Corner this year. Let's hope that the Corona virus gets under control and we can get back to normal next Spring.

Thank you.

Mau's Corner Flea Market & Live Auction

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26025 Highway 47 (Map)

Stanford Township, Isanti County

This is three miles north of St. Francis, just south of the intersection of Blackfoot St NW (State Highway 47) and 261st Ave NW.

Family Enhancement Center Benefit Auction

Denise and I had a great time last night helping raise funds for the Family Enhancement Center, a group dedicated to helping children heal form the trauma of child abuse in the Twin Cities. Pictured here with Denise and myself are Chairman of the Board, John Comer and volunteer auction organizer, Mary Serie. The generosity of the crowd surpassed all expectations.

- Tony


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My wife Joanie and I met Tony Elfelt at a downsizing seminar last spring. We liked it when he said he would design a downsizing process that would take our individual needs into account and he did just that. He came up with a combination of sales that included getting our lawn equipment online ASAP at the Nowthen Auction Center and the rest of our items online at our home right after that. Tony, his wife, Denise, and their staff then did a fast and thorough job selling our items and helping us with a rather big and difficult task. Payment was prompt too. Thank you Tony and AAA Auction.

- Bob and Joanie Marolt


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